MDN/KS/09 - 1879
Second Semester Master of Business
Administration (M. B. A.) Examination
(New Course)
Group C
Paper - I
(Group and Organisational Effectiveness)
Time : Three Hours ]    [ Max. Marks : 80

N. B. : (1) Attempt five questions ; atleast two questions from each section are compulsory. (2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. State the various approaches to the study of Organisational Behaviour. Explain each with examples.
2. Shyam Lal is a worried man because of his personal problem. His personal problem is affecting his professional life due to which he has received several memoes in the last six months. His career is at stake and he approached you for consultation. As a consultant what measures will you suggest him viz :­
(a) To motivate him and to increase his morale.
(b) To make his family life smoother so that it will not affect his professional life.

3. What is stress % Discuss the causes and effects of stress.
4. Highlight on ego states and their identification. Mention different types of transactions.
5. Write notes on (any two) :­
(a) Definition and Meaning of Learning. (b) Learning Styles.
(c) Principles of Learning.
(d) Learning Explicit and Explicit Knowledge.
6. Why is it important for managers to be familiar with the concepts of group behaviour ? State the determinants of group behaviour.
7. "Power is the potential ability of one person to induce forces on another person towards movement in a given direction, within a given behaviour region, at a given time." Elucidate in context to power dynamics.
8. Define the term `Leadership'. Explain major Leadership Styles. Which leadership style is generally found associated with Indian Organisations %
9. What do you mean by organisational culture % Explain the effects of positive and negative organisational culture.

10. Write notes on (any two) :­
(a) Force Field Theory of Change.
(b) Components of Organisational Effectiveness
. (c) Causes for Change
(d) Organisation Development Interventions.
MDN/KS/09 - 1879    3    1250

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