(MBA) Examination :- Group A : Marketing Management

MDN/KS/09 - 1876-A
Second Semester Master of Business
Administration (MBA) Examination

(New Course)
Group A : Marketing Management
Paper II
Time : Three Hours]    [Max. Marks : 80

N. B. :(1) Attempt any five questions, atleast two questions from each section are compulsory.
(2) All questions carry equal marks. SECTION A
1. What are the managerial aspects involved in product planning ?
2. What are the various purposes of branding ? Does a brand always identify the source of a product ? Give examples of the kinds of products that are difficult to brand.
3. What are the steps involved in Brand Positioning ? Explain the various positioning platforms using suitable examples.
4. Explain the various issues involved in Managing Brand Equity.

5. Discuss what factors contribute to the success or failure of a brand in the market place by picking up one example each from on FMCG and consumer electronics of your choice.
6. What are the criteria for choosing brand elements to build brand equity ?
7. What are the reasons for brand extensions ? Discuss basis for brand extension with suitable examples.
8. Explain the role of communication strategy in Brand Personality.
9. Write notes on (any two) (a) Celebrity endorsement (b) Agony appeal (c) Tear appeal
(d) Humour appeal
10. How will you design a branding strategy for a product to be launched in the international market :

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